Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

Crook Point vacation homes are located mid-way between Gold Beach and Brookings Oregon. Click here to view on map

Where are the nearest airports?

  • Crescent City (45 mins)
  • North Bend (2 hours)
  • Medford (3 hours)
  • Eureka (2 ½ hours)
  • Portland (6 hours)
  • San Francisco (8 hours)

Do we have access to the beach?

Only those renting homes will have access to beaches providing an incredibly serene and private retreat for guests.

What are the arrival/departure times?

Check-in is 3 pm with early arrivals by request. Check-out is 11 am. Please notify us of your arrival.

Where is the closest grocery store?

Brookings and Gold Beach are the nearest towns both about 12-16 miles north and south of Crook Point. It's best to stock up on food for your stay on your way to Crook Point if you plan on cooking onsite as it is about a 20-minute drive each way.

Gold Beach

  • McKay's Market (open 24 hours)
  • Ray's Food Place


  • Fred Meyer
  • Grocery Outlet
  • Bi-Mart

Can we barbeque during our stay?

Yes, charcoal barbeques are provided at each home. Please make sure you bring fresh charcoal and lighter fluid for your stay.

How far are the Redwoods from Crook Point?


  • Loeb State Park (Chetco River)
  • Winchuck River


  • Jedidiah State Park in Crescent City is where the old growth redwood groves commence just north of Crescent City (~1 hour)
  • Trees of Mystery in Klamath, Ca (~ 1.25 hours)
  • Prairie Creek/Newberry scenic drive (south of Klamath, Ca) (~1.75 hours)

Is WIFI provided in the homes?

Internet access is not provided in the homes at this time but we are looking into adding this service in the near future.

Is there cell reception at the homes?

The cell reception is limited at the homes making it the ideal retreat to get away from it all. Verizon seems to be the more reliable carrier and there is some service at a few of the homes.

Favorite nearby beaches?

Pistol River

  • Myers Creek
  • Secret Beach (Boardman State Park)


  • Lone Ranch
  • Harris Beach
  • Sporthaven Beach

Is it safe to swim in the nearby rivers?

Pistol River

  • Yes, this is a wonderful river to take a dip in. There is a swimming hole that the local's call "Deep Creek", about 5 miles up the north bank of the river.

Rogue River

  • Not to scare you, but it can be a dangerous river with only a select few safe swimming locations. Quosantana Campground is where boats are launched but is a safe swimming hole.

Chetco River

  • Loeb State Park about 8 miles up the north bank of the river
  • Social Security Bar located about 2 miles up the north bank side

Smith River

  • Jedediah Smith State Park

What are the top hiking recommendations?

Take a look at: and search for "rogue river" for more in-depth hiking info but some of our favorites are below:

  • Natural Bridge
  • Cape San Sebastian
  • Pistol River State Park
  • Boardman State Park
  • Redwood Nature Trail
  • Indian Sands Trail
  • Cape Ferrelo View Point

Are there any nearby activities for kids?

Pistol River

  • Pistol River trail rides


  • Azalea Park playground
  • Kidz zone play area & jumpy houses
  • Redwood movie theatre
  • Wild River Pizza arcade & pool table

Gold Beach

  • Gold Beach Park & play ground
  • Library

Are there restaurant recommendations if we choose to eat out?


  • Oxenfre Public House
  • Superfly
  • Fat Irish Pub
  • Black Trumpet Bistro
  • The Vista Pub
  • Art Alley Grille
  • Pacific Sushi & Grill
  • Wild River Pizza
  • Zola's Pizza
  • La Flor de Mexico
  • Pancho's
  • Khun Thai

Gold Beach

  • Spinners
  • Port Hole Café
  • Barnacle Bistro
  • Crow's Nest
  • Indian Creek Café
  • Double D Café
  • Sunset Family Pizza
  • Panther's Den Pizza

What is the Pet Policy?

Please click here to view are Pet Policy